Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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Antique French confit pots with vibrant honey, green and rich brown colors, the patina of which can only evolve from the passage of time, the hot provencial sun and Mother Nature; this look cannot be duplicated by man. These Confit Pots were originally used as utilitarian pieces in country homes and on farms, burying them in the ground for the storage of duck confit and other foods, keeping them cool and fresh throughout the summer. Today, they are treasured accent pieces, displayed to add the charm and character of times gone by. These pots can instantly transform any space creating the ambiance of sun drenched Provence. All these pots are in original condition and vary in price from $350.00 to $850.00. We will be happy to send photos of the pots that meet your size and budget requirements. France circa 1870-1900

DescriptionAntique French Baccarat lady's perfume set, in fantastic original condition. These bottles are absolutely stunning in person, its a shame they aren't more photogenic.

Fabulous collection of vintage green glazed pottery from France (mostly Biot) and the USA. Comprising mainly signed pieces in all sorts of shapes and sizes, this collection definitely makes a statement. Bold green colored pottery has a charm all its own, whether you are decorating a home kitchen, or even a restaurant, this collection is spectacular.

Antique Parian ware "Portland" jug attributed to the S. Alcock Company. The design is based on the Portland vase in the British Museum

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