Sunday, December 25, 2011

2012 Ideas For Christmas Centerpieces : Easy To Do

Get inspired with these beautiful easy arrangements that will wow your family and guests.

White Hyacinth Holiday Centerpiece 

This centerpiece filled with seasonal, natural elements is versatile enough for any holiday occasion. Simply fill a large, low bowl with boxwood, pinecones, and white hyacinth.

Sugar-Coated Fruit Centerpiece 

There's nothing sweeter than this sugary holiday centerpiece. Fill an ebony wood compote with artificial snow. Embellish with wax sugar-coated pears, plums, and grapes.

Winter White Holiday Centerpiece 

A holiday table is even cozier when layered in winter whites. To make the runner, cut felt by the yard to the needed length and 18-24 inches wide. Trace halfway around a drinking glass at the ends of the runner to create scalloped edges; cut out with scissors. Embellish with punched scalloped-edge circles. On smaller sections of felt, punch more scalloped-edge circles, and wrap felt around oversize glass vases. Insert candles for a soft, wintry white glow, and scatter felt cutout snowflakes across the table runner.

Freshen with Botanicals 

Elevate a humble wooden box to Christmas-centerpiece status. Start by lining the box with dry florist's foam to anchor evergreen sprigs. Attach citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, limes) to florist's picks and tuck into the greenery. Add interest by cutting some of the fruits in half or adding decorative details. 

Editor's Tip: Make orange pomanders by using a large needle to poke holes into the orange. Push the stems of whole cloves into the holes.

White Gold 

Large white hydrangea blooms fill a white pitcher (or try a bowl!) with fresh floral splendor. We added seeded eucalyptus leaves and a few stalks of white snaps and filled in with golden holiday ornaments on wires. Fresh green and red apple slices surround the neutral centerpiece with a bright border.

Under Glass 

A clear glass cloche on a platter or tray plays host to a few perfect decorations: one stunning holiday ornament, a few sprigs of evergreens, and a single perfect rose. Keep the rose fresh by inserting the stem into a florist's water tube, which can be concealed under the greenery.

Front and Center 

This tabletop take on pomander balls makes an eye-catching Christmas display. Simply soak florist's foam balls in water and cover with red carnations. Place the finished balls atop white vases or urns placed in a row in the center of your table.

Glad Tidings 

For this organic centerpiece, insert a chunk of wet florist's foam into the bottom of the urn and fill with water. Cut each gladiolus stem into three or more sections, with at least two florets on each section. Insert the cut ends into the wet foam, turning the container as you work. Add filler around the base and up through the flowers (we used green hypericum berries and waxflower foliage).

Relaxed Holiday Brunch 

This setting for brunch reflects a relaxed country French approach to decorating. The dining room features a red-and-white color scheme as a backdrop.

Little but Lasting 

Decorate your table with small arrangements of alstroemeria and birch twigs. We added a filler of beige rice flowers and long, green amaranth seed heads. Find similar shaped flowers at your local florist or grocery store. Or clip twigs from your yard for a personal touch.

New Simple Christmas Centerpieces Ideas 2012

Get inspired with these beautiful easy arrangements that will wow your family and guests.

Think Small 

Instead of one gigantic centerpiece, consider making several smaller bouquets for the table. A silver ornament and sprigs of evergreen are nods to the holiday season, but this idea is versatile: Flowers could be any color or type that complements your china and table linens.

Sparkling White 

Capture the look of a snowy Christmas with an all-white centerpiece and table decor. The secret to a beautiful monochromatic table setting is using a variety of materials. Here, the table boasts everything from elegant white orchids to dishes and flatware in shades of ivory. 

Editor's Tip: Texture often assumes greater importance in a monochromatic setting. The ribbed vases, pressed-glass stemware, and embroidered tablecloth all add interest to the scene.

Flowers and Votives 

A block of soaked florist's foam holds this arrangement in place. Three glass votive cups were set on top of the foam -- making it easy to change the candles as needed. Curly twigs inserted into the foam hold the glass cups in place. Next, flowers and greens are arranged around the sides of the foam, draping down to the tabletop.

Gilded Fruit 

Whether silver, gold, or copper, metallics can make a table spectacular when displayed in clear glass containers. Look for gilded artificial fruits (these are pomegranates) at a crafts or floral supply store, or make your own (see link below). Mix in a few small- and medium-size beads, garlands, or berries for added glimmer.

Switch It Up 

Centerpieces usually run the length of the table. For something different, keep the centerpiece in the middle of the table, but stretch it across the width instead. Here, evergreen boughs drape across the table horizontally and are accented with pretty red flowers and white berry sprigs.

Low Glow 

Real or artificial magnolia leaves (we gave ours a quick spritz of gold paint) are set on a flat platter to form the foundation for an arrangement of holiday ornaments and tiny berry sprigs. Easy and impressive!

Serving Up Sophistication 

A pair of stacked cake plates dressed with evergreens, glass balls, pinecones, and red berries makes a sophisticated, no-fuss centerpiece.

All Boxed Up 

A rustic wooden toolbox lets a holiday centerpiece spread out. Stand pillar candles on supports, such as candleholders or even soup cans, so they are set at different heights. Next, add bowls or low containers of damp florist's foam and arrange the greenery. A sweep of garland and a cardinal's nest add a final touch. 
 Editor's Tip:
Be sure to keep the candle flames a safe distance from the greenery and other elements.

Fresh Arrangement 

To make this fresh floral centerpiece, fill a silver ice bucket with soaked florist's foam. Insert white pine branches so they arch down and touch the tabletop. Next, insert groups of fresh flowers we chose hydrangea and roses along with a few pinecones attached to sturdy wire picks for stability.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Decorating 2012 Ideas for Small Spaces

Add something new to your standby Christmas decor. Alongside your sentimental ornaments and favorite pieces, introduce an updated centerpiece or a fresh take on stairway decor, and you might find a new decorating tradition!

Add Bits of Texture to a Banister 

Texture can play a key role in boosting the visual interest of a small space. Here, a simple swag of evergreen boughs and three stockings in three different materials spruce up a short banister.

Swap Out Curtains

Think outside the box when it comes to your small-space decorating. In place of everyday kitchen curtains, swap in a few spray-starched Christmas aprons and add a cluster of faux trees.

Create a Tiny Village Display

Tiny wrapped boxes provide a base to a few glittering paper houses that take up very little space. To make "trees," wrap squares of scrapbook paper into cones and glue the edges; cut off the bottoms to be level. For extra sparkle, place the grouping on a silver tray.

Accent Your Kitchen Windows 

Open, airy windowpanes dance with color, thanks to these colorful snowflakes. Hang similar ones in a pattern or at random; add the final touch with a simple swag of greenery overhead.

Use a Basic Tree and One Accent Color 

A bare-bones tree is a treat for a small corner, and choosing just one accent color is a good way to cut down on visual distractions. For the base of your tree, wrap a small box with a dish towel and fill the base of the box with stones (disguised with a layer of pearl-white ornaments) to hold in place. Add a few more wrapped boxes in a variety of papers and ribbons.

Make an Impactful Wall Display 

Old photos are great conversation starters, particularly at the holidays, and this display takes up only minimal wall space. Start with baby photographs; cut them in a circle, mount on foam core, and arrange in a tree shape. Little space, big impact. 
Editor's Tip:
For a great together-time activity, have family members guess who is who in each photo.

Decorate a Tabletop Tree

Even if you have more expansive spaces, a small tree can add charm and whimsy to small rooms, such as an entry. Tuck a small tree in a bright container and string garland and ribbon ornaments as well as a few round ornaments. Include accents that are similarly scaled down, such as small presents or containers of candy canes.

Craft a Mini Tree

There's no need to overdo accents in downsized spaces. Go for impact, such as this tiny twinkling tree, made by drilling tiny holes into a stick and inserting lengths of pipe cleaners.

Play Up Your Dining Room

Look to your dining table to display holiday merriment. A tiny wrapped box offers a warm welcome at a place setting. Best yet? It fits inside a teacup.

2012 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

There's no need to downsize your holiday expectations with a small space to decorate. Our space-saving ideas bring the merriment of the season into even the tiniest corners.

Go Small with Displays

Ornaments have tons of pop -- utilize their glitter and glow for a small-space display. Glue an ornament to a small, round plastic or glass disk. Remove the hanger and tuck in mini blooms or sprigs of berries. Group the vase ornaments on a tray for a centerpiece.

Enhance a Chair

Instead of leaving extra chairs empty, place beribboned packages on, under, and around them for a small-scale version of under-the-tree package bonanza.

Use Window Space

Simplicity is key for small-space decorating. White pillar candles, placed on a silver tray, add elegance to a windowsill. Two faux dwarf evergreens, wrapped in burlap, add a bit of color to the wintry scene.

Decorate with Small Wreaths

Large and impactful are typical design credos for wreaths, but small can be equally as mighty. Hang a mini wreath with a velvet or satin ribbon from shelves or drawer pulls.

Fill a Corner 

Nooks, crannies, shelves, bookcases: All are great spots for diminutive seasonal decor. If there's no space for a full tree, put a single dwarf version -- with a few presents -- on a midheight shelf. In place of lights, decorate with small-scale ornaments.

Fabricate a Faux Tree

If you don't have space for -- or just don't want -- a real tree, you can get the same feel with this evergreen idea. Start with a wide branch; hang on a hook from the wall and decorate with treasured ornaments.

Create a Hanging Window Display 

Look out on something pretty -- a basic painted frame strung with ribbon and hung with ornaments jazzes up a window and requires zero rearranging.

Use Space by the Stairs 

A small table by the stairs is a prominent small-space spot to start your Christmas merriment. Add a little, lightly decorated tree and a modest display to the tabletop. To give the evergreen a bit of height, place in a tall silver vase.

Brighten a Hanging Picture

You've already decorated your home with personal pictures -- give them a holiday touch with a sprig of evergreen. No special crafting tools required.

Use Wall Space

That lovely solid-color wall in your living room? The perfect home for a holiday display. Here, miniature grapevine wreaths add texture to a green wall. We chose a variety of accents -- faux birds, small ornaments, sprigs of berries -- and glued them onto the wreaths before hanging the displays from a length of ribbon.

Add a Tree in a Bathroom

Don't overlook bathrooms as places to add some merry touches. Here, a small corner offers a great spot for a potted tree decorated with cream and blue ceramic bells and glass balls.

Easy Christmas Tree Ornaments New 2012 Ideas

Clever embellishments turn plain-Jane ornaments into seasonal standouts.

Christmas Green Trims 

Spell out "Joy" on ornaments in glittery script, then add some jewels and extra glitter to make these flashy tree decorations.

Pastel Ribbons

Simplicity says it all with these flower-topped ornaments.

Sparkling Geometric Trims 

Brighten up the tree in no time with vibrant orange ornaments embellished with glitter.

Decorated Paper Ornament

Let your creativity show with these simple paper ornaments. Cut out circles from colored cardstock. Add string, ribbons, buttons, and other holiday decorations to make one-of-a-kind ornaments. Glue on a piece of gold foil to mimic an ornament top.

Picture Frame Ornament 

Make your Christmas a traditional one by personalizing your tree with old family photos. Simply mat pictures on fun, Christmas-color cardstock and cut to fit a 3-1/2x5-inch black photo frame.

Vintage Stamp Ornament

Give your tree an old-fashioned look by slipping Christmas stamps into a clear ornament. Look for sets of stamps with different pictures to add interest.

Evergreen Tree

Turn your Christmas fir into a forest by filling it with dozens of paper-tree ornaments made by simply rolling up strips of green scrapbook paper.

Bejeweled Ornament

Dressed up in jewels for the holidays, these quick-to-make ornaments will be the star attraction of your Christmas tree. The ornaments are crafted using a purchased ball ornament, crafts-store beads, and gold glitter.

Dazzling Beads

For ornaments that dazzle, decorate satin balls with dimensional paint and shower them with the tiniest of beads. A few simple crafts supplies, our free pattern, and a steady hand are all you need to create these striking holiday decorations.

Dazzling Beads, Take Two

Here's a variation of the ornament shown in the previous slide. The free-form star pattern is easy to re-create and gets a little visual kick from the dots at the end of each arm.

Beaded Beauty

Sparkling beads make any tree decoration stand out from the rest.