Friday, June 20, 2008

Bedroom Shelves new ideas

elfa® Home Storage - Platinum & White

Put elfa® Easy Hang Shelving to work in your office to maximize space and create smart storage.

elfa® Girl's Room - White

With limitless possibilities and easy installation, elfa® is our most popular storage solution. A wide variety of components and finishes can transform your child's area into an efficient study and play area - making use of ever-important wall space

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The experts at The Shelving Store have the cure for all your storage dilemmas. Toy with a wide variety of shelving possibilities that will help you take control of clutter in your child's room.

elfa® Boy's Room - Platinum & White

elfa® is simply smart when it comes to organizing your child or teenager's room. Our strong Solid Shelves provide storage space for all of his trophies, books and treasures, right above a spacious desk top that's perfect for studying or playing on the computer.

Bathroom Shelves

Find decorative and creative ideas for bathroom shelves and solve bathroom storage problems
Are you tired of leaving your toothpaste, makeup, soap, and everything else in the bathroom balanced precariously on the edge of the sink?

Do you get annoyed with the lack of useful shelving in your bathroom?

A lot of people overlook the need for extra bathroom shelves, and it always seems cluttered as a result.
Bathrooms are a central room in your home, and they need proper decorative shelves and storage shelves just like anywhere else. There are a lot of creative, decorative shelving solutions available to enhance your bathroom, giving it a more ordered look while providing you with not only extra storage space but also great ways to display vases, pretty bottles, bowls, figurines and other objects that will add beauty to your bathroom.

Most bathrooms aren't all that big, so when adding shelving to the bathroom you have to really measure carefully and whatever you do, don't overdo it. Just one bathroom shelf unit, or one set of bathroom wall shelves is usually as much as you can normally add to a bathroom. Even if you have more space to add glass bathroom shelves or other bathroom shelving, think twice. If you put in too much your bathroom will feel crowded and uncomfortable.
When considering bathroom shelves, think creatively about where to put them. We've found decorative bathroom shelves as well as bathroom storage shelves that are designed to fit into every nook and cranny of your bathroom. You can find shelves designed to fit above the toilet (but mounted on the floor, not the wall) as well as shelves for under the sink, around the mirror, and in the corners.

There are glass bathroom shelves, wood bathroom shelves, and also metal bathroom shelves to meet your taste, as well as your needs.

If you are interested in wall-mounted bathroom shelves, take into account the type of wall you have. If you have bathroom tiles on the wall, you must have the proper drill bits so you won't crack the tiles when you drill the holes.

Wood bathroom shelves are very nice, and certainly a step up from plastic ones. Take into account, however, that wood bathroom shelves need to be finished and sealed properly. Exposed wood in a humid area, like a bathroom with a steamy shower, will become moldy, and a health risk. Get shelves that are rated for bathroom use.

Kitchen Wall Shelving

Adding On Wall Shelves and Storage In Your Kitchen

If you're interested in adding additional shelving into your kitchen, you can either mount more shelves on available wall space, or buy a floor-standing unit. If you want to add on wall-mounted shelves, you should take a lot of things into consideration before you begin drilling holes:

Location Of Shelves
This is really important. You don't want the shelves to get in the way of any kitchen appliances, doors, or windows. Also, if the shelves are mounted in that space can anyone (especially taller people) bump into them accidentally?

If you mount shelves in that location, will you be able to easily get whatever you plan on storing on the shelves? How often will you need the items that will go on these shelves, and how important are they?
Type Of Walls

This is important for knowing how to properly mount the shelves. If the walls are brick or concrete, no problem! However, plasterboard walls are weaker, and mounting shelves that will hold heavy (and breakable) kitchen dishes on them is trickier.
Closeness to Stove Top

Not only could mounting shelves above a stove be a potential fire hazard, it can also become a grease trap.
Shelf Material
Not all shelf materials are necessarily good in the kitchen. Stainless steel shelves are easier to clean, but not as nice to look at as real wood.

What material goes with the rest of the kitchen decor?

Once you've taken all these factors into account, you are ready to make some decisions regarding kitchen wall shelving.
For some great stainless steel shelves that won't cost you an arm and a leg, take a look at this kitchen wall system
which is fully adjustable, and it also provides hooks along the bottom for utensils.
If your looking for pantry shelving, it's important that it's light, flexible and strong. You don't want to be concerned, for example, that the shelves are not strong enough to hold a mixer or heavy food processor.

Kitchen Shelving

When The Shelves You Have Just Aren't Enough Space

You can double the size of your kitchen, and triple the amount of shelves you have, it still won't be enough. Kitchen shelves fill up, and there is no such thing as spare space in a kitchen. That's just the way it is.
A lot of kitchens that we've seen, even the larger ones, tend to have a lot of enclosed cabinetry, and not enough open shelf space. There might be enough shelves for the dishes,

but what about kitchen bookshelves for your cookbooks?

Not only do you need space for books, but also for microwaves,vases, displays, radios, wine bottles, and a whole lot more. This plus decorations is what turns a kitchen into a warm, friendly room that invites you and your family to spend more time in it.

Even people who don't cook a lot tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and it often becomes a warm, social area for interaction. In our home guests feel as comfortable in the kitchen as they do in our living room. By having open shelving strategically placed around the kitchen, we are able to display a nice collection of interesting bottles, all of our cookbooks, a few vases, and even some of our kid's art projects.

If you lack open kitchen shelf space, consider adding on either extra wall-mounted shelves, or choose from a wide variety of shelves and units that are designed specifically for the kitchen. These units come in a variety of designs, some with lots of open shelf space, some with drawers, and even some on wheels. They make handsome additions to any kitchen, and provide you with lots of extra space for holding books, artwork and more. Kitchen carts, buffets, sideboards, microwave stands and bakers racks are all designed to fit into available space in the kitchen, and provide you with additional surfaces for preparation, shelves for presentation and also drawers and baskets for storage purposes.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Modern Bedding gallery


Modern Bedding 2

The Reece duvet set creates a contemporary and luxurious ambiance in any bedroom setting. This glamorous 3 piece set includes a duvet cover and 2 shams.

The Camilla Natural duvet set creates a rich and glamorous look in any bed it adorns. This three piece set which includes a duvet cover and two pillow shams is made of sewn silk dupioni with a 300 thread count reverse consisting of thousands of yarn dyed threads woven into tonal stripes creating a luxurious look and feel.

Embrace Spring, and let Ayanna embrace you. Its artful patterned floral motif is inspired by the lush flora of Parisian gardens. But the Ayanna duvet doesn’t stop there. It’s citrus color palette breathes elegance and an air of retro-modern playfulness.

The Ashley Grey duvet set is not only luxurious but a work of art as well. This fabulous set is made of 300 count cotton sateen; glamorously draped with a larger than life print of stunning chrysanthemums in red and white colors on a taupe gray background which reverses to a lacquer red color finish

The Ashley Ecru duvet set is simply fabulous enhancing any space with its stunning floral print, allowing for the bed to become the main focal point in any contemporary bedroom.

Modern Bedding

The Ashley Citron Duvet Set will compliment your most colorful and cheerful Spring wardrobe. Designed with a French fashion palette, the Ashley Citron Duvet set reflects the freshness and beauty of new beginnings.

The Anis duvet set infuses sweet slumber dreams and pure indulgent sleeping comfort. This luxurious set brings the beauty of nature indoors with the use of beautiful patterns; branches and botanicals, a black and white color contrast with pink and green accents of hand stitched birds add a hint of sophisticated drama in any bedroom setting.

The Amanda purple duvet set brings the beauty of the outdoors in with its nature inspired patterns. This luxurious duvet is sprinkled with delicate silhouettes of leaves, flowers and branches; creating a fresh and tranquil ambiance.

The Amanda Green duvet set inspires any space with the elegant simplicity of nature: a silhouette of leaves, branches and flowers gently sprinkles this duvet with earth tones which inspire tranquility and relaxation.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Curtain style ideas

Mix panels of plain and pictorial fabric for a window that's a real work of art

A fabric with a pretty pattern is a great way to dress up a window with an uninspiring view. Use plain fabric for two-thirds of the length, with the panelled pattern on the lower third.

Create visual separation between the two with a ribbon braid, finishing off with a trim below. An eyelet heading on a pole means the fabric won't fold up, so the pattern can be seen clearly.

Keep the curtains to sill height so they hang properly, draw easily and don't block heat from the radiator.

Stylist's tips

Choose a plain fabric in a paler contrasting colour and trim the join to make the print stand out.

A length of pretty beaded trim in a complementary colour makes a pair of sill-length curtains feel more glamorous.

Soft waves of fabric create a smart but simple finish that's easy on the eye

A wide Tempo heading pleat makes curtains fall in soft, regular waves, so they will always look just right.

Team it with a sleek, modern suspension rail that the curtains glide below – that way nothing will distract the eye from the even perfection of the waves.

Let the curtains sit flush with the floor so they'll look neat open or closed.

Stylist's tips

A cut-velvet pattern adds a luxurious edge to this otherwise pared-down window treatment.

Tempo heading tape creates perfectly even waves, uninterrupted by gathering fabric or curtain rings.

Create an eye-catching effect for a plain window with a vivid leading edge

A curtain with a leading edge is a real show stopper. A contrasting fabric from the back of the curtain is continued to the front, and simple holdbacks allow even more of it to be on show when the curtains are open.

Use a simple pencil pleat and an unfussy pole to keep all the attention on the curtains themselves.

You can enhance the effect of this stunning treatment by choosing a pole that's slightly wider than the window, which tricks the eye into thinking that the window is bigger than it really is and allows you to hold the curtains back without blocking light.

Stylist's tips

A satin-finish fabric for the leading edge gives it even more attention-grabbing shimmer.

If you're using a busy print on the curtains, stick to a pole and holdbacks that are as simple and streamlined as possible.

A neat, modern pelmet creates a smart, fuss-free finish in a large bay window

For a contemporary take on a traditional curtain finish, use a small pelmet that picks up one of the colours in the curtains.

It gives a sophisticated finish to a bay window and means you can use plain curtain track around the bay as it will be concealed by the pelmet.

Team it with a curtain in a pinch pleat heading that creates regular gathers for an equally understated effect. A pair of holdbacks that match the pelmet is all that's needed when you want to draw the curtains back and let in maximum light.

Stylist's tips

For a hotel-chic window treatment like this, choose striped satin for a tailored look and give the pelmet a touch of decorative detail with a fringe trim.

Use plain track in a bay so the curtains will run smoothly, but hide it away behind a stylish modern pelmet.

Need to dress your window for privacy and prettiness? A double pole lets you do both

A clever double pole design means you can hang both a sheer and a curtain around the bay window, but draw them independently.

Brackets normally get in the way of curtain rings being pulled around a bay, but this design uses passing rings that allow the curtains to be drawn all the way round.

A standard heading tape left ungathered on both curtains creates a soft, informal effect. Keep the sheers sill-length for a neat finish and go for floor-length curtains to create real impact in a bay.

Stylist's tips

Team a bold, modern, floral curtain fabric with a floral patterned voile for a modern take on a curtain and sheer.

A double bay pole with passing rings is the neatest option if you want a curtain plus sheer.

Dress up your bay window with four sweeping curtains for an elegant finish

A pair of curtains hung centrally, plus a curtain to each side of the bay, makes an opulent alternative to a single pair of curtains.

A flat-faced pole in a wood-effect and metal finish is a feature in itself – use a suspension-rail system so that the fabric gathers neatly below the pole and doesn't hide it.

Position a holdback for each curtain two-thirds of the way up the window, so the curtains can be draped across the top part of the window when drawn open.

Allow plenty of length on the curtains so they pool on the floor to complete the lavish look.

Stylist's tips

Repeating the colour of the curtain pole in the fabric's trim pulls the whole look together.

Hang curtains from a suspension-rail system if you want to show off a stylish bay pole as well as the curtains.

Make your windows a stunning focal point

Roll-up blinds are a fuss-free way to dress a bay. Go for a bold pattern that can be seen in all its detail and choose a complementary plain fabric for the back of the blinds so your window looks good from outside, too.

Combine with an attractive pole around the bay and narrow dress curtains at either side. These provide a soft framing effect for the window, but can't be drawn closed.

Snap-together rivets attach the curtain fabric to the pole for a neat, modern finish that doesn't require heading tape.

Stylist's tips

Choose the same fabric for the dress curtains and the back of the blinds, as this will be on show when you roll them up during the day.