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HGTV Green Home 2011 Pictures

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HGTV Green Home 2011

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HGTV Green Home 2011

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HGTV Green Home 2011

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HGTV Green Home 2011

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HGTV Green Home 2011

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HGTV Green Home 2011

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HGTV Green Home 2011

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HGTV Green Home 2011

Girl's Room Pictures " HGTV Green Home 2011 "

Interior designer Linda Woodrum took one look at the carpet in a shade of bright bubblegum, and knew immediately that one room would be over-the-top colorful. “That room feels joyous and happy, and it’s fun to be in the space,” she says.

Window dressings include cellular shades and Roman blinds in a neutral shade to temper bright-pink shades. “Linen really holds up to the sun well. It doesn’t break down,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum. “It’s very sustainable.”

Clean, contemporary and uncluttered, the girl’s room features only essential furnishings to maximize floor space.

Hand-beaded, silver and shell mosaic trinket boxes add sparkle to the dresser top.

The perfect receptacles for a girl’s treasures, nesting boxes, artisan-crafted from sun-dried woven bamboo and beads, sparkle in the sunlight.

Platform-style twin beds are customized with custom-crafted headboards, slipcovered with natural linen.

Felted pillows in a rayon-wool blend lend texture and visual interest when paired with eco-friendly bedding.

A pair of natural seagrass baskets corral clutter in the space.

An oversized wing chair, upholstered in sustainable fabric, is paired with a casual wooden cube to create a reading nook. “The room is symmetrical with a chest and two beds and you want to keep it from getting too sterile. So you bring in things that don’t match,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum.

The inclusion of adult furnishings in a child’s space makes sense to Linda. “If a young girl is in there, she’ll be in there for maybe 10 years,” she says. “Don’t buy children’s furniture.”

In addition to the chest of drawers, a closet provides space to store clothing as well as linens and toys.

Loft Pictures " HGTV Green Home 2011 "

Nine windows that ensconce the loft provide amazing views of the former Stapleton International Airport, the historic air traffic control tower and the Rocky Mountains, a 30-minute drive from the neighborhood. “The loft allows people to experience that indoor/outdoor relationship that is so special here,” says Infinity Home Collection’s general manager, David Steinke.

Leather poofs, which nest under the sawhorse table, serve as additional seating should a gathering move from kitchen and dining area to the second floor.

The marriage of exotic and rustic, an arrangement of bird of paradise flowers pairs well with iron fixtures.

An area rug, in soft, neutral hues and woven from recyclable nylon, grounds the room design and served as inspiration for the color palette.

Two 4-foot, dark wood console tables partner to create a platform for the flat-screen TV. “We had so much going on in the room that the console had to be discreet and disappear,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum.

Pillows, handwoven of ethically harvested, hand-spun Tasar silk and embellished with natural capriz shells, are paired with sweater-knit and linen pillows.

Bug 3, an oil painting by Josh Armijo, pulls in the room’s color palette.

Two kiln-dried teak ottomans with basketweave leather-strap tops are paired to create a coffee table in the loft area.

Within steps of the second-floor bedrooms, the loft area is an ideal space to convene with guests. “The sectional is conducive to everyone sitting together. I think it’s psychological: It evokes family cuddling together,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum.

Boy's Room Pictures " HGTV Green Home 2011 "

Stripes of wood flooring create a rug-like effect in the home’s second guest bedroom, designed to accommodate a young boy. “That’s where the character starts in that room,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum.

A reading area comprises an adult-size chair upholstered in green fabric, a felt pillow and a Merino wool throw. “It has a very masculine vibe, which is a nice contrast to the pink room,” says Linda.

An appliqued throw pillow, crafted by artist Alexandra Ferguson, incorporates felt fashioned from 100-percent recycled plastic PET containers.

A topaz wall color complements light wood stripes in the flooring. The standard-size bed, crafted by carpenter David Brown from old doors, is as comfortable for a child as for an overnight guest.

A mirror is framed in recycled pieces of tin — a global tapestry of recycled iron sheet packaging.

An industrial-style photographer’s task lamp spotlights the four-poster bed, a cozy space to do homework or catch up on reading.

Two natural grass hampers provide storage space for toys or laundry.

Hall Bathroom Pictures " HGTV Green Home 2011 "

Special attention was paid when designing and decorating the second-floor bathroom, as it would be visible from the loft area and utilized by both family and guests. “Because this bathroom is so visible, and it’s going be used so often, it needs to look great,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum. “And it needs to have such a strong design because of the high usage.”

“It’s very quiet and soothing, but it’s very rich and understated,” says interior designer Linda Woodrom of the room’s silver, white and cream color palette.

Ceramic tile flooring, with the look of travertine, is paired with sleek white cabinetry.

A shower curtain, custom-made for the space, hangs from the top of the wall to showcase the floor-to-ceiling bathtub surround and emphasize the 9-foot ceiling. “It adds to the whole drama and the beauty of that room,”

The bathroom mirror, silver-leafed by carpenter David Brown, adds an element of Hollywood glam to the luxurious bathroom space. “You don’t expect it and it looks good in there,”

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Master Bathroom Pictures " HGTV Green Home 2011 "

A continuation of the master bedroom’s focus on quiet luxury, the master bathroom boasts two separate islands and an adjoining master closet space.

A vessel-style sink and faucet and a 6 x 5- foot mirror framed in blue make a subtle nod to the bedroom’s ethnic-chic design style.

Emulating the look of quarried slate, porcelain tiles lead to an oversized shower with pitched floor and glass enclosure.

A spray of pear blossoms and a small bouquet of hyacinths bring a hint of spring indoors.

A door in the master bathroom opens to reveal the 10 x 6-foot master closet space.

The master closet features ample storage shelves and drawers, plus a built-in ironing board and open storage space to hang clothing.

When a guest enters the room, a The Metlund D'MAND System sensor installed at the top of the beetle-kill pine door activates a small pump that circulates the ambient temperature water in the hot water pipes back to the water heater. The result: Hot water runs as soon as the owner turns on the tap.

Master Bedroom Pictures " HGTV Green Home 2011 "

Interior designer Linda Woodrum’s “ode to nature,” the master bedroom boasts organic bedding and furnishings that tell their own unique stories.

A beetle-kill barn door closes the niche off from the loft, so that an individual could work in the space while not interrupting family members. “The niche is a great spot. It can be your office, if you work at home,”

Cut-loop carpeting in a mossy green greets guests as they enter the master suite. “It’s rich and quiet, and supports that whole design theme,”

A carbon-steel side table, paired with a traditional club chair, features an eye-catching Celtic knot design.

Apparition, a graphite charcoal drawing by Anna Kaye, presides over the tranquil space. Ten percent of the artist’s sales go to Colorado’s State Forest Service to provide funding for the Bark Beetle Mitigation Fund.

A heavy-duty scaffolding table, nestled below a set of windows, serves as a display perch for decorative accessories, including a faux-bois table lamp.

An Asian-style rattan chair offers a tranquil space to read or relax. “It’s sculptural,” says Linda. “It’s back to being unusual, throwing in one piece in the mix that’s different and unexpected. It was an early find — one of those impulsive buys.”

The bed is flanked by two sturdy cement tables.

“The master bedroom is a very tranquil, Zen-like space,” says Linda. “I think that’s very significant today. People like to have a spot where they can go and relax, feel like they can go and escape, and we put all of that in that bedroom.”