Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Traditional Kitchen

Taylor kitchen Collection

Taylor is for those who love to surround themselves with precious memorable items without having to sacrifice the technology and functionality of today; it's for those who appreciate the differences that improve the quality of life and for those who enjoy the kitchen in all its aspects,rediscovering the joy of living and of sitting together around the table.

Traditional styling revisited carefully,with great attention to detail,in strong materials, the latest colors,endless modular combinations,and a vast range of accessories. Door designs for the Provenzale Legno kitchen collection.

Panera kitchen Collection

The doors create an exclusive setting made even more precious by a series of accurately elaborated details.

La Masseria Kitchen Collection

La Masseria is a kitchen that is able to recreate a traditional kitchen atmosphere in the modern home.

Golea Kitchen Collection

The contemporary classicism of Golea perfectly combines past and present.

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