Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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Turn your bed into a comfy haven

Have you ever slept in a quaint Bed and Breakfast or a luxury hotel and wondered why you got such a great night's sleep?
We seem to all want a good night's rest, but how many of us have actually examined our bed and asked, "Is this bed giving me the best sleep possible?" Since most of us can't escape to luxury hotels whenever we need some extra slumber, here are some ideas to turn your own bed into a comfy haven.

Good Mattress Support

If your mattress is a little worn, bring it back to life with one of the new "mattress toppers." Thicker than a mattress pad, they provide additional cushioning and comfort. A quality mattress pad also protects your mattress and supports the sleeper. Choose a mattress pad that suits your needs. For extra insulation, try a foam or wool mattress pad.

A cloud-like Featherbed

Europeans have been sleeping on featherbeds for years, but most Americans have not caught on to this sleeping secret. My husband and I slept on a featherbed our first night home from our honeymoon and we got the best night's sleep ever! When I discovered that I was allergic to the feathers and told my husband we'd have to give it up, he told me that I could sleep in the guestroom! Luckily, there are now many hypoallergenic alternatives.

Quality Sheets

The higher the thread count, the softer the sheet and the more durable it will be. Look for all-cotton sheets, since they "breathe." Layers of Comfort - A sheet with a single heavy comforter is just not as comfortable as a layered bed. A cotton blanket may be adequate for a slightly cool night, but you'll want a heavier blanket or a down comforter to put on top for snuggling on chillier evenings.

A good Sleeping Pillow

Read our Buyer's Guide on Sleeping Pillows to choose the pillow and firmness that is right for you. Down pillows, which are adjustable, are often considered the most luxurious. Let us help you create a cozy nest in your bedroom, but don't hold us responsible if you never want to get out of bed!

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