Saturday, March 22, 2008

new ideas for Kid's Rooms

1-Red , White and Blue

A scheme composed of primary colors -- red, blue, and yellow -- is always popular in a child's room. Here they are used in their boldest, truest forms, with red and blue doing a balancing act, while yellow takes the role of accent color.

2- Checkmate

A well-designed room will contain accessories that support the overall color scheme. Notice how this fanciful chess set works with the rest of the room.

3 - Cozy Alcove

This child's bed is set within a dormer off the open bunk space of the second floor. The bed could have been placed farther into the dormer, but it's much more interesting with curtains on two sides and a little space between the mattress and the window
(its base hides ductwork behind the drawers).

4 - Goodnight Moon

Purchasing a crib and mattress can be expensive, but some models are convertible, meaning they can be used as the baby's first real bed rather than go into storage when he outgrows the crib. When making the change, consider redesigning the room with new bedding, furniture, and accessories.

5 - Black and White Modern

This teen room exudes city style with striped walls, Zebra print bedding, and the resident's own pop art. A cheap-chic sitting area, black edged wardrobe mirrors, and button- and domino-decked picture frames add the finishing touch.

6 - Down to Earth Decor

This room has four looks in one. It has been divided into different areas and painted to represent the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. It's a colorful scheme with lots to interest and amuse children.

7 - Desert Caravan

This exotic teen room is decorated with onion dome wardrobe mirrors, tassel-decorated pillows, a slipcovered sofa and hanging votives. Polyester lace curtains, a hand-stenciled carpet and tri-colored wall treatment complete the do-it-yourself scene.

8 - Rosy Posey

Play up a monochromatic, or single-color, theme by using various tints and shades of the same hue.

9 - Got the Blues?

Equal parts of cool blue and warm yellow create a pleasing balance in this room. Introducing a lesser amount of the color pink, with accessories, adds more complexity.

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